Boost the buying power of your clients

Make all-cash offers and close at superhuman speed


Differentiate yourself as an agent

"I’ve been a realtor for 15 years, and I’ve never worked with a lender more on top of it than this group! Their cash guarantee makes your buyer’s offers unbeatable. Got the job done professionally, well before closing and were a joy to work with! Highly recommend and my go-to for all future deals."

"As an agent in a very hot market, allowing clients to work with UpEquity is a gamechanger. The team was also very responsive. We pushed up closing and the team was able to get it done in record time despite several obstacles!"

Not your basic "Buy with Cash" program


Guaranteed commission in 14 days, plus a bonus

On average, we close on the home within 14 days, and that’s when you get paid. You'll even earn an additional half percent commission on the second transaction! 


Go to market with cash...and win

We approve your client upfront, so you can make a cash offer that’s 4X more likely to win. Also, you don’t have to worry about financing or appraisal contingencies!


Get your client moved in more quickly

Your client can move in as soon as we close on the house. Most other programs make buyers wait until they own the house.


Differentiate yourself at no cost to your client

Our buy with cash program is free for your client, and we’re able to offer competitive rates with no hidden fees or costs.

Here's how it works

Step 1. Apply online

Your customer completes an online application and gets approved for cash within 72 hours.

Step 2. Make a cash offer

You make a cash offer on your buyer’s behalf that’s 4X more likely to be accepted

Step 3. Relax, while we work

Once your offer is accepted, our processing team uses superhuman speed to get your client a mortgage

Step 4. Earn your commission

You get paid when we purchase the home, guaranteeing it will be sold to your buyer at the same price.

Step 5. Celebrate

Your client buys the home from us and walks away with a low-interest mortgage and a new favorite realtor!

Step 6. Collect a second commission

Because there's a second transaction when your client buys the home from us, you earn an additional .5% commission. 

Still have questions about how it all works?

Our Agent Success Officers are standing by to answer any questions you have about our Buy with cash program or Buy before you sell program. Click the button to schedule a call.

Frequently asked questions

What does the program cost?

Our program is completely free. The associated costs are the same as with any mortgage-backed home purchase.

What if my buyer has an existing home to sell?

Great! UpEquity offers a "Buy Before You Sell" program that costs less than similar programs at other companies. Typically, we charge a $500 flat fee to the buyer.

What happens if my client's mortgage isn't ready in time?

We pride ourselves on being able to process, underwrite and fund loans faster than any other mortgage firm out there. That's why we offer customers a guarantee that if their mortgage isn't ready on time, we'll keep the house and your client pays the same amount as their mortgage payment. The money gets credited toward your buyer's mortgage. 

How does UpEquity make its money in this transaction?

We take on the risk of potentially purchasing the house to leverage that into a commission from brokering or selling the loan.

Do we have to use your title company?

We have title companies we prefer but we do not mandate this. We can use your buyer's or even the listing agent's company. 

What are your credit requirements

Typically, for our Buy with Cash program, we prefer 700+, but there are exceptions.

How long will it take between the cash offer closing and when my buyer closes?

Once we purchase the home on behalf of your client, we strive to complete their mortgage closing within 7 days, often less depending on when the appraisal is completed.